Poem Snippets

Poem Snippets #1

  • Poetry in the sky

The mere sight of the dark rain clouds is awe-inspiring
Their movement when they inter-change positions is artistic
Like a jealous husband
They shield the bright sun and the blue sky from public view
With pure artistry
They proceed to shield the pretty moon and the shining stars when night comes

  • Lonely skies

Lonely skies, oh, lonely skies
You whose guests are never invited
Moan not to the neighbouring heaven
Whenever I make noise to you
Through the sound of my aeroplane engine
For I keep you company

  • Pride yourself Tlakale Mashashane

The bright pretty moon appears in the sky
She shines perfectly at night
And all eyes can see her
Those who know the meaning of beauty admire her
For she outshines the galaxy of stars

  • The changing fortunes of time

Look down upon no fellow
When blessings upon your life multiply
For the fortunes of time be unknown

  • Follow your dreams

Take steps to success
Desire to achieve
Dare to dream

  • Shine like the pretty moon

Cast your eyes upon the sky
Admire the beauty that is the pretty moon
Hail the purity in her brightness
When she shines uninhibited
By the transparent clouds and the beautiful stars

  • The powers that be

The sobbing mother
Wipes her tears
I feel the pain
In her bleeding heart

  • Flight of the broken wings

Sitting atop
The summit of a mountain
Eyes cast to the west
Watching the sun set

Poem Snippets #2

  • A place of serenity

I awake
To the sounds of the singing birds
In a place of serenity
Inhaling the unpolluted fresh air
In a tranquil environment

  • Thabo Maluleka was born

Several years ago
In the great Limpopo Province
Far from the beach
Near the rivers and the mountains
Near the mountains and the rivers
Thabo Samuel Maluleka was born

  • The tomorrow of the African child

Look at the sun and be inspired
Look at the bright moon and be filled with hope
For the moon be as bright
As the future that we all hope for

  • Moments come and go

Bow not your head in shame
When your target you miss by a mile
Keep your head up
Do not sink
When furiously the rivers of life
Flow against all that you hoped to come good

  • A river flows through a forest

To be a star
Is to shine
To be a river
Is to flow

  • Beyond a dream

Push yourself
Work hard
Be smart
Achieve your goals
Live your dreams
But avoid the trappings of success

  • The beauty of the Limpopo Province of South Africa

Limpopo Province
You are an eco-tourism wonder
A nature lover ’ s dream
Your beauty is permanent